UI/UX Frontend Developer

Graphic Web Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Brazilian and Italian Dual Citizenship, 31 years old

Summary of Qualifications
10 years of experience and Master’s Degree in Marketing, accomplished web designer & front-end developer with extensive experience building WordPress driven websites, HTML5, CSS3 and various web scripting technologies, web standards frameworks like Bootstrap and project management. Provide a diverse range of services including design custom themes, aplications with focus on usability UI/UX, Digital Marketing strategies SEO/SEM, branding to an array of clients from a variety of industries. Enthusiastic web professional motivated by challenging projects and deadlines.

Categories of Interest
Graphic Design, Internet & Ecommerce, SEO & SEM, Online Marketing, Web Design





  • 2014 - 2015Post Graduated in Marketing Management

    INPG Business School - Post Graduation Institute
  • 2013SEO for E-commerce

    Mestre Academy (former MestreSEO)
    SEO, analytics metrics and specific strategies, structured data and markup for E-commerce websites
  • 2013Digital Marketing Strategy & Management

    Internet Innovation
    Plan, Scope, Budget, ROI, Optimize, Digital Marketing campaigns.
  • 2012Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    MestreSEO (Latter Mestre Academy)
    Fundamental on Search Engine Optimization markup, structured data and content specifically for Google strategies.
  • 2012PHP Programming

    Senac São Paulo
    Basic PHP with MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • 2009Web Design

    Senac São Paulo
    Web Design, XHTML, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, Actionscript, FTP.
  • 2003 - 2007Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism

    Dom Pedro II College
    Nominated for Opera Prima Prize with the Graduation Project "Mobilidade Urbana Sustentável pata São José do Rio Preto (Sustainable Urban Mobility for São José do Rio Preto).
  • 2005AutoCad 3D

    PROANSI of Sao Jose do Rio preto
    AutoCad 3D
  • 2002Graphic Design

    Senac São Paulo
    Graphic Design, Cad skills, Photo Retouching, Corel Draw, Photoshop.

Work Experience

  • Graphic Web Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Digital Marketing Management, reduced costs with Adwords campaigns by 50% with focus on quality Leads generation, and raised conversion by 20%.
  • UI Designer, enhancement of client satisfaction by making direct contact for project briefing and developement of interface design focused on user experience.
  • Front-end development, increased visitors and website quality score with content marketing, SEO, SEM.
  • Graphic Web Designer & Front End Developer Consultant

  • Front-end development, improved sales conversions, visitors and website quality score with content marketing, SEO, SEM.
  • UI Designer, developed interface design for websites and Apps focused on user usability and experience. Graphic Web Designer, developed branding projects, which was highly appreciated by sales manager.
  • Customer Services, increase customer satisfaction with support and training them to settings their email, using host panel and web systems.
  • Front End Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Digital Marketing Management, developed full Digital Marketing Plan, including websites, social media, digital catalogs, Adwords campaigns the company didn’t exist on the internet before.
  • Front-end developent of the company’s website with focus on quality Leads generation, SEO, SEM, e-commerce strategies and Campaigns for Adwords, Facebook.
  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Department Manager, organized the intire department using kanban system, applying Scrum Agile project management increasing efficiency by 40%. Improved sales scripts and trained sales staff to aproach clients, increased customer satisfaction post-sale.
  • Digital Marketing, conquered the top of Google search with an very difficult keyword “Claro TV”, in 2013 with SEO/SEM strategy only.
  • Front-end development, formulated the product websites with direct phone lead capture, and developed all the campaigns hotsites, increased website quality score which reduced costs by 8% for Adwords.
  • Graphic Web Designer

  • Graphic Designer, on a highly agile multi-tasking environment I developed full marketing campaigns for sales, branding, magazines ads, products customization and product catalogs.
  • Web Designer, developed code and layout of websites, hotsites, newsletters, implemented an digital version of their magazines and it was an success raising 17%of the agency custom magazines sales.
  • Web Designer

  • Front-end development and maintenance of clients websites, introduced to the company Google standards and the importance of SEO, also implemented new solutions with WordPress based websites.
  • Web designer, helped the company to start an partnership with iThink (latter SapientNitro) one of the biggest Digital Agency with 100% score on their evaluation on HTML and CSS.
  • Customer Services, increase customer satisfaction with support and training them to settings their email, using host panel and web systems.